Well Energy Group Limited, Moscow ,Russia


The Well Energy Group of Companies focuses on developing new techniques for detecting hydrocarbon deposits by using airborne technology to measure variations in reflection intensity across different spectral regions caused by the spread of hydrocarbons. Additionally, the company is involved in various activities related to prospecting, exploring, and developing oil and gas fields.

The company offers Big Data Analysis services that utilize mathematical processing techniques to analyze large databases. This enhances the accuracy of traditional analytics, uncovering new significant factors in oil and gas projects. By doing so, oil and gas companies can make better-informed decisions, resulting in improved effectiveness in various applications ranging from exploration to field development.

At present, Well Energy Group has a team of highly qualified specialists and experts with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry both domestically and internationally. They have been involved in the discovery of several oil and gas fields in Russia, including the remarkable Velikoye oil field, as well as numerous fields in Eastern Siberia and the Timan-Pechora province. They have also contributed to the development of well-known projects such as the Priobskoye, Bovanenkovskoye, and Kharasaveyskoye fields in Russia, as well as oil fields in Canada, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere.