Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Your Partner in Reliable O&M Services

ENMAS offers operation and maintenance services for power generation, petrochemicals, and other industrial sectors, ensuring smooth operations through regular inspection and advanced maintenance practices. They provide comprehensive training programs to enhance skills and knowledge for safe operations. With a strong portfolio and global presence, ENMAS is a trusted asset management company with over three decades of industry experience, serving power plants and manufacturing units efficiently

Extensive portfolio of operations and maintenance power plant services

With extensive experience in Power, Petrochemicals, Steel, Cement, and Oil and Gas industries, our company’s credibility is solidified. Starting with power plant O&M, we’ve expanded to various sectors, understanding plant structures and innovating for enhanced performance. Our turnkey solutions are customized to meet client requirements.  Our specialization in operations & maintenance has propelled us into the global market.

Dedicated Resources for operations & maintenance services

With a team of over 2000 skilled resources, Enmas India excels in asset management projects. Our hiring policy prioritizes technical expertise and innovative thinking. Through periodic training, our team stays updated with industry advancements. We proactively handle project challenges and deploy specialized resources based on individual company requirements. Our deep understanding of the system allows us to form the right team for success.

Expert Consultation

Power plants and manufacturing units need regular analysis and expert review. Our specialized teams assess the plants thoroughly and provide valuable inputs for improvements. At Enmas India, our leadership team consists of specialists in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and other core areas. This allows us to conduct periodic evaluations smoothly. With a strong understanding of health, safety, and environment (HSE), we prioritize enhancing KPIs in power plant operations and maintenance.

Holistic Solutions

We are a preferred operations and maintenance service partner, providing holistic solutions for major companies. Our comprehensive services include installation, manpower sourcing, daily operations organization, SOP preparation, and Computerized Maintenance Management programs. Our expert personnel can operate any process segment as needed. With a focus on responsibility and dedication, we have developed systematic protocols and utilized technology for efficient monitoring and measurement.