Shutdown/ TA Maintenance Services

Shutdown/ TA Maintenance Services

Shutdown Capabilities For

Shut Down Supports

Comprehensive shutdown support services for industries including oil & gas, fertilizer, petrochemical refineries, and power.

Market Segments:

Identifying and targeting specific customer groups in a market for sales and marketing purposes.

Annual Turnaround Works

Specialized services for annual maintenance and shutdowns in various industries. Providing expert overhauling services for static equipment.

Rotating Equipment Maintenance Services

These services are designed to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your industrial rotating equipment.

Regular and shutdown maintenance of:

Inspection Testing

We provide comprehensive inspection and testing services to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment and structures.

Catalyst Replacement

We provide expert Catalyst Replacement services for various industries, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of your equipment and processes.

Catalyst Replacement - Key Areas of Work

Manpower Availability

We provide reliable and skilled manpower availability for various industries and sectors to fulfill their staffing needs and requirements.

Deployment Model for Shut Down - Overseas

The Shut Down deployment model involves meticulous planning, efficient execution, and timely completion of projects, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.