Enmas water Solution

Enmas water Solution

Enmas Water Solution Private Limited


                       Water has always been an important factor on the planet. Water demand is increasing around the world for a variety of reasons. This demand is posing a challenge to all activities such as drinking, industrial process, and many other day to utilities. This necessitates the installation of desalination systems, water and wastewater treatment plants, zero liquid discharge plants, and water recycling and reuse systems. Water and wastewater solution providers are essential for treating water and wastewater in all industries including power, oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paper and textile, cement, steel, and others

About us

                    We would like to introduce ourselves as ENMAS INDIA, an Energy Management Solutions company that was founded in 1983 and is full service asset management provider in India. ENMAS primarily serves the power, oil and gas, cement, water, petrochemical, and allied industrial segments, ENMAS has established itself as a leader in Industrial Asset Management, providing service such as O&M, asset integrity, facility management and training.

Our system ensure consistent optimal performance without disrupting production operation.

Cost Effectiveness:
We prioritize delivering exceptional value while safeguarding your facility’s financial stability.

Enmas Water Solutions guarantees system that adhere to relevant standards, enabling responsible and compliant operations.

Enmas Water Solutions Private Limited (EWS), a division of Enmas, offers complete turnkey solutions for water and wastewater treatment projects in and around the world, as well as a solution for all other water and wastewater requirements. EWS offers services like.


Preliminary Services

• Waste Characterization
• Minimization / Recycling Assessment
• Environmental Planning
• Regulatory Analysis
• Alternative Analysis
• Technology or Process Evaluation / Development
• Treatability or Demonstration
• Testing

Process Design Services

• Conceptual Design
• Process Design
• Detailed Design
• Procurement
• Contractor / Vendor Evaluation
• Cost Estimation/ Budgets
• Project Scheduling

Construction / Project Services

  • Equipment Procurement
  • Contractor Management
  • Procurement / Award
  • Expediting / Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Reports

Post Construction Services

  • Process Check-out/       Commissioning
  • Start-up Scheduling
  • Start-up Supervision
  • Operator Training
  • O&M Manual

O&M Services

• O&M of Process Water Plant, ETP,
• Process Oversight/ Management/
Engineering Process
• Troubleshooting/ De-bottlenecking
And Root Cause Analysis
• Operations Management Consulting
• Operations System Development/
• Process Evaluation, Optimizing,
• Facility Operation Audit
• Performance Monitoring and
• Preventive Equipment Maintenance
• Equipment Audits
• Operator Training

Having qualified team with extensive experience in the domain of Water Treatment (STP, ETP, RO, Softener, DM Plant) & chemical engineering professionals and technology tie ups are in place with prestigious alliances/ associates with some of the world’s leading engineering & technical companies to access technical expertise to provide unmatched experience in various multi-disciplinary engineering projects. EWS is committed to developing and implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies by combining multiple core competencies and cutting-edge know-how to deliver excellence in the projects undertaken. EWS has incorporated its strength in basic and detailed engineering, process technology, project management, procurement, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning to offer discrete conscientiousness under stringent delivery schedules.



Sewage treatment Plant (STP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Abellon Clean Energy
5 m³/hr . MGF + ACF + RO + DM including Civil work
SPAC Tapioca Products
51 m³/hr. (Clarifier) + 24 m³/hr. (MGF+ACF) +24 m³/ hr.(UF)+ 16m ^ 3 / h * r .(RO+MB)+26 m^ 3 /hr.( tilde M GF+ Softener) including Civil work
OPG Power gen (GitaPower)
57.3 m³/hr. (MGF+ACF) + 35.3 m³/hr. (UF) + 30 m³/ hr. (RO + MB) + 54.3m ^ 3 / h * r (MGF+ Softener) including Civil work
Maharishi Solar Tech
20 m³/hr.(MGF+RO+MB)
Ennore Coke Limited
6m ^ 3 / h * r .(UF)+4 m^ 3 /hr.RO+DM+49 m³/hr.Soft. including Civil work
ETA Power Generation
15 m³/hr. MGF+ACF+ UF+RO+DM + 5 m³/hr. Soft. including Civil work
M/s. Ford India Ltd through CV Consultants
ETP for car wash unit
M/s. Sastra University
Extended ASP based STP 1000m ^ 3 / d 1MLD) 50 m³/hr. PSF & 50m ^ 3 /hr. ACF, 10M Dia Clarifier
M/s. Wood sol Chemicals SDN BHD
25 m³/hr. two stage RO boiler feed water plant
M/s. Cookson Electronics India Pvt Limited, Ambattur
Domestic MBBR type STP-10 KLD
M/s. Cookson Electronics India Pvt Limited, Ambattur
Design, Engineering & Supply, installation and operation of chrome recovery ETP
M/s. Piyo Juice Pvt Limited, Bangalore (chithoor plant)
Softener & RO Plant – 2 m³/hr for pure water for the juice plant for Boiler feed water system
M/s.High tempfurnace’s Pvt Limited
Domestic MBBR type STP- 5KLD supply of electromech -anical items
M/s. KBP Partners Kuwait
ETP – 18KLD with RO for a galvanizing unit on design engineering & equipment supply
M/s. Mantech
100 MLD Sea water distillation of VRCL/BEFESA (Supported for project evaluation, assisted in owner’s engineering services & implementation, progress monitoring, etc.,)
M/s. Lebracs rubber linings
16 nos pressure sand filter design & engineering for 100 MLD Sea water desalination of IVRCL/BEFESA
M/s.AVM Studio
Design, Engineering, Supply and installation of 500 LPH RO Plant/1000 LPH RO 3Nos
M/s.Railways Co-Operation Bank
Design, engineering, supply and installation of RO Plant
Design, engineering, supply and installation of RO Plant
800 m³/d (0.8MLD) Design, Engineering CETP & STP with pumping mains. (Turnkey project executed by Enrec Engineers our partners and design engineering done by us)
M/s.Karur Sukkaliyur CETP Company Ltd
ETP-4000 m³/d (4MLD), Design, Engineering & Electromechanical of ETP (Turnkey project executed by Enrec engineers our partners and design engineering done by us)
M/s.Ritechoice foundation, Porur, Chennai
Sewage treatment plant – 100 KLPD;FBBR system completely underground, Electromechanical components
M/s. Brigade Millennium Bangalore, Brigade Millennium Bannerghatta Road
ASP based Sewage Treatment Plant 60 KLD completely underground on a turn-key basis (EPC


❖ Zuari Cements Limited (Ital Cementi Group) Heidelberg Cement (India) Limited

❖ Nuvoco Vistas Corp Limited

❖ National Cement Company Ltd, Kenya

❖ Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited

❖ Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited J.K. Cements Ltd

❖ ACC Limited -All units

❖ Volta Impex Pvt Ltd – Togo

❖ Sagar Cements Ltd

❖ Benue Cement Company PLC – Nigeria

❖ Super Cement (Mfrg) Co.Ltd. – Abu Dhabi

❖ Atec Asia-Malaysia (For Pakistan Unit)

❖ Claudius Peters India Pvt Limited

❖ Maihar Cement Ltd.

❖ Reliance Energy Limited

❖ Lafarge India Limited

❖ AMCL (ACC Machinery Co. Ltd)

❖ Penna Cement Corporation Ltd.,

❖ Pioneer Cement Corporation LLC, Dubai

❖ Metro Cement Limited, Uganda

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